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Red Rock - Sycamore Canyon Scenic Loop

A breathtaking scenic drive into the heart of Sedona Red Rock Country where the Forest Roads hug the majestic cliffs. The entire scenic loop begins in West Sedona along Highway 89A and loops onto Forest Roads which are unpaved, can be bumpy in spots and muddy after rain storms. The map below diagrams the route which covers about 23 miles not counting venturing off to outcropping area spurs and other various Forest Roads.

The Sterling Canyon Spur leads to spectacular redrock formations. Experiencing Devil’s Bridge and Vultec Arch are each just short hikes off the road. The Boynton Canyon Spur leads to a trail that takes you to one of Sedona’s vortexes. The Palatki Ruins and Rock Art Heritage Park is in this area. See Robber’s Roost near the Sycamore Canyon Spur where horse thieves once hid contraband. Sycamore Pass is the gateway to the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness.

Depending upon whether you stay on the designated loop or you venture off to other natural attractions, the scenic drive could last a couple of hours or an entire day.

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