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The Red Rocks of Sedona

Red Rocks of SedonaView From Airport Mesa. © Mike Koopsen

Mention Sedona, Arizona and people conjure-up images of the majestic crimson red rock buttes, monoliths and spires that have made Sedona famous. Panoramic views of these stately creations of nature appear in any direction. They spawn a feeling of tranquility from no matter where you are in Sedona. The balconies of Sedona Hotels and Resorts. The dining patios of Sedona Restaurants. Outdoor garden fireplaces of romantic Bed and Breakfasts. As you stroll along the banks of Oak Creek. Or as you hike into the astounding beauty that surrounds Sedona.

How The Red Rocks Were Created

In the prehistoric era, the entire Sedona area was covered by a sea of water and the red rock buttes we see today were once sandbars and islands protruding up from bottom of the sea. Over millions of years, the sea receded and layered sediment from volcanic activity was formed. Wind and water erosion created these astoundingly beautiful natural sculptured wonders that are composed of basalt,sandstone and limestone. Ferrous oxide was blended with the sandstone which gives the red rocks their distinctive and brilliant crimson red color.

Each Distinctive Red Rock Has A Name

Who gave them names is unknown but the name of each major formation resembles its shape. For example, the character Snoopy from the popular Peanuts comic strip lies on top of his doghouse. Another is Lucy, also from the Peanuts comic strip. Then there are Coffeepot Rock, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Chimney Rock, Courthouse Butte, The Mittens, The Cow Pies, and the Rabbit Ears. From the front door of Chapel of the Holy Cross, take a peek at Eagle Head Rock as well as the Twin Nuns and Mother and Child Rock buttes. The Three Golden Chiefs and Capitol Butte can be seen from Coffee Pot.

The Sacred Red Rocks

Native Americans consider the Sedona area as sacred and mystical. Tribal Shamans traveled to Sedona for thousands of years to pray, seek guidance and alignment for their people. Today, the New Age group believes the "Vortex Spots" in Sedona emmenate magnetic fields of energy that have healing powers and clears the mind, body and soul. There are many, many vortex locations but the most famous and most accessible convenience are the red rock monoliths of Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock in addition to Boynton Canyon and Airport Mesa. The Chapel of the Holy Cross area is also considered a popular vortex location. Other locations are more remote and require spiritual tour guides for an enhanced experience.

The following photos are compliments of Mike Koopsen

Photo of Cathedral Rock in Sedona ArizonaCathedral Rock
Picture of a Rainbow Over Rabbit EarsRainbow Over Rabbit Ears
Photo of the Chapel of the Holy CrossChapel of the Holy Cross
Image of The CockscombThe Cockscomb
Picture of Lee Mountain in SedonaLee Mountain
Image of Courthouse ButteCourthouse Butte
Photo of Coffee Pot RockCoffee Pot Rock
Aerial Photo of Bell Rock in Sedona ArizonaView of Bell Rock
Most Popular Sedona Red Rocks

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