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Campground Fees and Reservations

Campground Reservations

Oak Creek Campground Reservations. A limited number of camping sites within Oak Creek Canyon may be reserved. Usually those camp sites are those closest to Oak Creek. All others are on a first-come basis. During the prime season, the campgrounds can become quite busy, so get there early to claim your camping spots. Arriving on week days are the best times. There is a 7-day camping limit. Oak Creek Canyon campgrounds include the following:

Sedona Chavez Crossing Group Camp. These group camping sites must be reserved. More detail see Chavez Crossing Group Camps.

Beaver Creek Area Campgrounds. The campgrounds in the Beaver Creek area cannot be reserved. All camping sites are first-come.

To reserve the best camping sites, call Toll Free at 1-877-444-6777 or online at Recreation.Gov. International number is 518-885-3639 or TDD 877-833-6777. These phone numbers are subject to change.

Campground Fees

During the season, campground fees are collected at the campground. Other than Cave Springs, credit cards are not accepted at location. When reserving through Recreation.Gov online, credit cards may be used. At camping locations, you may use cash or in-state checks only. The following chart details fees were effective February, 2012 that are subject to change. To verify current fees call 928 203-2900.

Fees at Red Rock District Campgrounds

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Red Rock Ranger District
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Visitor Center: 928 203-2900

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