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Sedona's Bell Rock

Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona© Mike Koopsen

To some, Bell Rock in Sedona AZ looks like a church bell. To others it is a kaleidoscope of red and pink and orange layered one by one out of the sandstone. Others still are mesmerized by the profile of a face staring up at the sky, like a sleeping woman waiting for some unseen touch. However you envision the beautiful Bell Rock, the landscape will not disappoint you. Located off the Flat Loop Trail that encircles nearby Courthouse Butte. Bell Rock is one of the most interesting of the "Sedona Red Rocks".

Hiking Bell Rock

The hike to Bell Rock is gentle and flat. Although the complete Courthouse Butte Loop is five miles in length, you can bypass Courthouse Butte and Spaceship Rock entirely by veering to the left when Bell Rock Pathway intersects with Courthouse Loop. After about a mile on Bell Rock Pathway you will reach Bell Rock Trail on your right. From there it is a short hike to the base of Bell Rock. The hiking path itself is easy to navigate, however the myriad of trails that connect to Bell Rock Pathway are marked with signage that can be misleading. Bottom line: for the short trek up Bell Rock, veer to the left until you reach Bell Rock Trail. If you want to spend the day hiking the area, take either the first or second right off the trailhead and complete the full Courthouse Butte loop.

Bell Rock Trail takes you about halfway up Bell Rock. The top of the formation is inaccessible and from the south you can see clearly why. From this vantage point, Bell Rock distinctly resembles the sleeping profile of a woman. Bell Rock is also considered one of the Vortexes that surround the Sedona area, channeling energy and providing spiritual renewal to countless visitors each year. But you don’t have to be a follower of the New Age movement to be inspired by the simple beauty of Bell Rock. Anyone with an appreciation for quiet, understated elegance will feel the magic found at this magnificent monument.

Delicate blooms from wildflowers and agaves dot the landscape, blending effortlessly with the crimson rocks. Hikers taking the full five mile trip around Courthouse Butte will experience a mild, 200 foot elevation change, and a landscape that takes you from red rock desert through sage and brush, with colorful bursts from the many flowers that grow craggily from the outcroppings along the trail. Whether you make the short climb to Bell Rock, or opt for a longer stay taking in the sites of Courthouse Butte and Spaceship Rock, this is one day trip you won’t want to miss.

Directions To Bell Rock

Bell Rock is located south of Sedona on Highway 179. From the “Y” at Highway 89A and Highway 179, take 179 south approximately 6.4 miles. You will see the parking lot on the left just before you reach Bell Rock Boulevard. The trailhead is located at the north end of the parking lot.

More Information

Red Rock Ranger District
P.O. Box 20429
Sedona AZ 86341
928 282-4119

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