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V-Bar-V Petroglyph Site

Picture of V-Bar-V Petroglyphs Near SedonaPetroglyphs. Creative Commons

V-Bar- V Heritage Site is located abut 18 miles south of Sedona. Although there are no ancient Indian ruin dwellings here, it is the one of the largest petroglyph sites in Arizona and an archeological treasure. The site features over 1,000 of the most well-preserved petroglyphs in the state.

Petroglyphs are rock engravings carved into rocks by ancient peoples. They are not to be confused with "pictographs" which are images painted on rock surfaces. Often called "Rock Art, these engravings represent the thoughts of past civilizations. When visiting V-Bar-V, your imagination will be fired-up.

What did these symbol engravings mean to the ancient Native American people? What messages did they intend, either to themselves or as gifts to future generations? Comprised of human figures, various animals and symbolic designs, we can only guess what they mean or what purpose they served.

The symbols are left to interpretation. We can only guess what messages were intended. Today's Indian Tribes interpret these engravings left by their ancestors differently. We can't be sure exactly their meanings since many generations have come and gone over the centuries and the stories that were left to each new generation of subsequent Indian Tribes were likely varied and modified.

Ancient, Yet Fairly New

The petroglphs were created by the Sinagua Indians between about 1150 and 1400. The Sinagua mysteriously disappeared from the area around 1400 and drifted in different directions. They had vanished by the time the first Europeans came to the area. Having discovered ancient dwelling sites, the Spanish gave the name "Sinagua" to these ancient civilizations. The name means "without water".

Benjamin Franklin Taylor and his wife settled the area where the V-Bar-V is now located. Archeologists were made aware of the petroglyphs in about 1945. The Coconino National Forest acquired the site in 1994 and opened it to the public in 1996.

The V-Bar-V Heritage Site Location

Conveniently located it is easy getting to the site. V-Bar-B Heritage Site is about 18 miles south of Sedona AZ. It sets about 3 miles east of the junction of Interstate 17 and State Route 179 (FR 618) north of Camp Verde, Arizona. Watch for the entrance on your right about one-half mile past Beaver Creek Campground. See the map below.

There is a convenient parking area. After parking, take a trail for about 100 yards to the V-Bar-V Visitor Center. The walk leads along Wet Beaver Creek a flowing a tributary of the Verde River.

V-Bar-V Heritage Site Map

Map Location of V-Bar-V Petroglyph Site Near Sedona, Arizona

Visiting The Site

The open hours are currently 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The gate to the site closes at 3:00 PM. Note: The times are subject to change without prior notice. Call the Red Rock Heritage Sites at 928 282-3854 to confirm hours, fees, guidelines and other information.

Restroom facilities are available at the Visitor Center. Public water is not available. Bring your own or purchase bottled water at the Visitor Center. Pets are not permitted. A Red Rock Fee Pass is required and may be purchased at the Center.

Guided tours are provided by both the Verde Valley Archaeological Society and the Friends of the Forest during the open hours.

Red Rock Heritage Sites
P.O. Box 20429
Sedona, Arizona 86341
928 282-3854

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