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Sedona, Arizona: The Power Spot for Vortex Tours

Sedona, Arizona may be the ultimate place for artists and lovers of red rocks to live, but there are other, more unusual attractions to this picturesque town. Fans of anything having to do with New Age culture have been visiting and living in Sedona for years. Even if you spend a single day in this bohemian, rocky town, you're bound to see an advertisement in a shop window for a tour of one of Sedona's famous vortexes. To many, Sedona, Arizona happens to be the town with the most distinct vortexes in the United States.

Native American tradition has held Sedona's location and outlying areas as mystical, or cosmic for hundreds of years, specifically with Navajo and Hopi tribes. Other sources have claimed that Sedona does have unusual electromagnetic elements in certain areas. A special, Franciscan-influenced chapel, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, was built near one of the vortex locations named Chapel Road. Many have reported miraculous healings, a clearing of the mind, and other supernatural experiences around many of the vortex areas. Some have alleged that there are four main vortexes, others six, and many more purport that the entire town of Sedona is located on one giant vortex.

Many descriptions and theories which try to answer the question, "what is a vortex?" have developed over the years by travelers to and residents of Sedona, Arizona. Some believe that the energy of the universe culminates in certain areas all over the world. Others believe that human energy and experience is the source of a vortex. More scientific-sounding theories believe that electromagnetic pulses surface on the Earth and develop areas or power spots, which attract people to them, and inspire them to build chapels, temples, pyramids or monuments.

If you visit Sedona, you may be more open to the idea of a vortex, because it is such a breathtaking place to encounter. There are many ways to visit, or experience, the vortexes of this spiritually-inspiring town. Tours are offered by places like the Sedona Heart Center, Sedona Sacred Journeys, and Canyon Spirit Botanical Adventures, to name a few. Prices vary, but usually start in the $50 range per person. Tours often include guided hikes to the special vortex spots, meditation sessions, natural healing practices and rituals, and sometimes, overnight accommodations.

If you are skeptical about Sedona's vortex tours, you may prefer visiting the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which does not require a paid tour, and has risen to vortex status for many people. You can also hike to one by yourself. The main four vortexes are located at Boynton Canyon, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Airport Mesa and can be found on many Sedona maps.

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