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Vortex Experiences: Sedona, Arizona

The vortexes of subtle energy located in the area of Sedona, Arizona have, for years, made it known as a spiritual power center. The vortexes cause subtle energy to radiate from the Earth’s surface. These are neither electricity nor magnetism, but there is a slight amount of magnetism in the area where the energy is the strongest.

The energy from the vortexes interacts with that of the Inner Being of every person that comes into contact with it. This causes spiritual and inner strength to increase for everyone who comes within a half mile of the vortexes. Anyone who is sensitive can feel the energy coming from the vortexes and it is an awesome and uplifting experience. When the energy is absorbed, it will have a positive effect for days. People come from all corners of the world to experience the vortex phenomena.

There are several vortex tours in the Sedona, Arizona area. They include guided meditation, drumming circles, sacred chanting, meditation in vortex energy, walks to vortex sites, healing by laying on of hands, spiritual psychic readings, balancing and purifying of your aura in the vortex energy, sacred eagle feather healing, the blessing of the world, the earth and your family. You can meet your spirit guide in the vortex area, merge with your animal spirit guide, detect earth and spiritual energies, talk to trees, find your power spot and more.

There are several vortex tour guides in the Sedona area and each provide you with a unique vortex experience, which will bring you to a very special place and provide you with positive energy and an awesome vortex experience.

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