Sightseeing in Sedona Arizona

A key to really enjoying Sedona allowing enough time to really absorb the moments. So preplanning what you’re going to see and experience will make a more impacting getaway vacation. If you don’t have enough time, come back to Sedona again and again. Breathe the fresh air. Savor the spectacular views, listen to the flowing creek, see an ancient petroglyph up close and experience the intense spiritual energy emanating from the vortex phenomenon.

Palatkti Ruins
Not too far off the highway, but expect about six miles of bumpy road. This is a must see ancient historic experience. You will experience the actual ruins of the Sinaqua Cliff Dwelling originally occupied by prehistoric Indians thousands of years ago. Close by are the Petroglyph Rock Art specimens carved and painted into rock formations by ancient native civilizations. Click here for more info on the Palatki Ruins and how to get there.

Hike The West Fork Oak Creek Trail
This indeed is one of the most beautiful hikes in America yet alone in Sedona, particularly during the Fall and Spring months. You’ll find lush greenery, vibrant color and picturesque views in every direction. Experience the sounds of Oak Creek as it meanders beside steep canyon walls. This is an easy hike amidst nature at its finest. Don’t miss this experience and by all means, don’t forget your camera. Read more about the West Fork and how to find the trailhead.

Amazing Scenic Drives
Yep. Just about anywhere you go in Sedona is a scenic drive. But if you don’t have much time, there’s two drives you don’t want to miss. The Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Route is truly a Kodak Moment. About 30 minutes is about what it will take you to experience breathtaking scenery. And, I’ll promise you, you’ll want to do it again and again.

The Red Rock – Sycamore Canyon Scenic Loop into the Red Rock Country of Sedona is amazingly beautiful. The loop covers about 23 miles and anticipate some bumpy rough road during some segments. This is the gateway to the famous Sycamore Canyon Wilderness.

Montezuma Castle National Monument
Just southeast of Sedona and about five miles north of Camp Verde lies the ancient cliff dwellings of the prehistoric Sinaqua Indian Tribe. Montezuma Castle soars high above the floor, carved into the limestone cliffs. You’ll be amazed how the prehistoric natives dared to scale the heights to build domiciles as a natural defense. The whole family will love this experience into history.

Chapel of the Holy Cross
The Chapel of the Holy Cross is an architectural star attraction. The chapel, owned by the Catholic Church appears to grow from two spectacular red rock formations. Be advised, it’s a steep walk from the parking lot to the chapel.

Sedona Hiking
Hiking trails are abundant in Sedona and there are trails for all fitness and experience levels. Some are short, some are long. But one thing’s for sure…they’re all beautiful experiences. Click here for more information on Sedona Hiking Trails and you must trek the West Fork Oak Canyon Trail.

There’s so much to see and do in Sedona, Arizona. Read all of our Sedona Articles and visit our section on Sedona Attractions. If you plan a trip to Sedona we offer great values on resorts, and bed and breakfast accommodations. And you’ll find great cuisine at fine Sedona Restaurants.


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